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    Our house washing service employs a gentle water pressure method to effectively clean and revitalize the outward appearance of residential structures. Utilizing a specialized cleaning solution, we target and eliminate mold, mildew, moss, bacteria, and other microscopic organisms. This formulation consists of three essential components:

    Bleach: Acting as the primary disinfectant when mixed with water, bleach effectively eradicates mold, preventing unsightly staining and inhibiting its recurrence.

    Surfactant: Serving as an intermediary agent, surfactant aids in dislodging dirt, mold, and other residues from surfaces.

    Water: Diluting the bleach concentration to optimize cleaning efficacy.

    The soft washing approach, relying on lower water pressure, is particularly suitable for surfaces in and around your home’s exterior, safeguarding them against potential damage compared to higher pressure alternatives.

    Surfaces that are ideal for this cleaning method are:

    • Vinyl siding
    • Stucco
    • Brick
    • Lanais
    • Patio enclosures
    • Stone
    • Wood panel siding
    • Outdoor furniture
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    Benefits of house washing include:

    Cleaning hard-to-reach areas

    Our house washing technique allows us to clean even the most inaccessible spots safely. With both feet firmly on the ground, we can reach heights of up to 40 feet without the need for ladders, ensuring safety for both us and your home’s exterior.

    Reduced risk of damage

    Our low-pressure wash system minimizes the potential for damage compared to high-pressure alternatives, mitigating risks such as torn roof shingles, broken windows, and damage to roof coatings.

    Longer lasting clean

    By utilizing a combination of bleach and surfactant, we effectively eliminate mold and microorganisms at a molecular level, ensuring a thorough and long-lasting clean without the risk of regrowth.

    Our Promise To Our Customers

    At Sparkle Squad we have a singular passion, being great at window cleaning! We love our jobs, we love our team, and we love making customers smile. That is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee!

    • Perfect

    • Happy

    • Delighted

    • Satisfaction

    What Sets Us Apart
    The Sparkle Squad Advantage

    • Cleaner. We use triple purified water and water-fed composite poles to clean your windows. That means no drips, spots or streaks. Just perfectly clean windows every time.
    • Safer. Because our poles extend up to 40 feet we are able to avoid the use of ladders. This saves us time and enables us to protect our technicians, your home, siding, flower beds and landscaping.
    • Better. Our core values of perfect windows, happy technicians and delighted customers shines through in every window we clean.
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    Our Happy Customers

    See for yourself why neighbors book with Sparkle year after year.

    The team was lovely. Did an excellent job!! My windows sparkle. Thank you.

    -Margaret Gibson

    I appreciated their efficient booking, promptness, politeness and high quality of work.

    -Heather Carveth

    The windows were spotless! Great company and professional service.

    -Jeff Dickson

    Fantastic job cleaning my interior and exterior windows as well a my window screens. Super friendly and efficient. I highly recommend this team and will use them again!

    -Marnie Premont

    We had the vinyl siding our 2 story home washed and the results are fantastic. There was some moss on the north side of the house and it cleaned up very well. The staff were excellent and very friendly. We highly recommend these services!!

    -Mark Campbell

    Sparkling windows and smooth, upbeat communication at every turn make this an extraordinary service.

    -Jan Allen

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