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Crystal Clear Windows, Guaranteed

Hiring a window cleaning service from Sparkle Squad of North Boca Raton-Delray Beach isn’t just about getting your windows cleaned; it’s about embracing a cascade of benefits. From elevating aesthetics to enhancing practicality, and even contributing to improved health and well-being, here are the standout advantages of choosing Sparkle Squad’s window cleaning services:

  • Elevated Looks
  • Curb Appeal Upgrade
  • Brighter Spaces, Naturally
  • Safety Boost for the Task at Hand
  • Efficiency in Action
  • Time in Your Pocket
  • Indoor Air Quality, Up a Notch
  • Energy-Savvy Windows
  • Basking in Natural Light Perks
  • Crystal-Clear Views

About Our Residential Window Cleaning Services for Delray Beach

When you choose us to clean your windows, you will benefit from our use of cutting-edge technology, which provides crystal-clear results and a sparkling finish free of streaks and spots.

Wondering how we do it? Here are three essential tools we employ as part of our specialized, time-tested approach:

  • Carbon-Fiber Water Fed Poles. Our innovative system of water-fed poles is a game changer that makes it possible for us to clean windows without having to rely on ladders. These poles can extend up to 40 feet and save us time, minimizing costs in the process. Furthermore, by avoiding the use of ladders, we not only help our technicians stay safe but also limit the potential for damage to your home’s siding or landscaping elements.
  • Water Purifying System. Curious as to why you are always faced with a streaky finish when you attempt to clean your windows on your own? All the minerals and sediment that build up in the water supply can remain on your windows when you clean them, leaving you with a dull finish rather than the transparent look you’re going for. Because we work with an excellent water purifying system, we can provide exceptional results that will make your windows appear wide open!
  • Expert Screen Cleaning Equipment. We also come prepared with high-quality screen cleaning equipment that enables us to gently but thoroughly remove dirt, dust, and grime that has become caked on screens over time. When we are finished, you will know that your windows are clean through and through!

Why settle for streaky windows when you can rely on our professional team to provide you with ridiculously clean windows, guaranteed? Contact Sparkle Squad of North Boca Raton-Delray Beach, FL today at (561) 903-2433 for residential window cleaning services in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, or a community in the surrounding areas!

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Photo of a window cleaned by our residential window cleaning service in Delray Beach
Sparkle Squad’s Tech

The future of window cleaning is here.

Our cutting edge technology is a gamechanger that makes your windows cleaner than ever before.

Carbon-Fiber Water Fed Poles

Water Purifying System

Expert Screen Cleaning Equipment

Crystal Clear Windows Guaranteed

You’re going to love the way your windows look. It’s that simple – and if you don’t, we’ll make it right, guaranteed!

Our Promise To Our Customers

At Sparkle Squad we have a singular passion, being great at window cleaning!
We love our jobs, we love our team, and we love making customers smile.

  • Perfect

  • Happy

  • Delighted

  • Satisfaction

What Sets Us Apart
The Sparkle Squad Advantage

  • Cleaner. We use triple purified water and water-fed composite poles to clean your windows. That means no drips, spots or streaks. Just perfectly clean windows every time.
  • Safer. Because our poles extend up to 40 feet we are able to avoid the use of ladders. This saves us time and enables us to protect our technicians, your home, siding, flower beds and landscaping.
  • Better. Our core values of perfect windows, happy technicians and delighted customers shines through in every window we clean.
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Our Happy Customers

See for yourself why neighbors book with Sparkle year after year.

The team was lovely. Did an excellent job!! My windows sparkle. Thank you.

-Margaret Gibson

I appreciated their efficient booking, promptness, politeness and high quality of work.

-Heather Carveth

The windows were spotless! Great company and professional service.

-Jeff Dickson

Fantastic job cleaning my interior and exterior windows as well a my window screens. Super friendly and efficient. I highly recommend this team and will use them again!

-Marnie Premont

We had the vinyl siding our 2 story home washed and the results are fantastic. There was some moss on the north side of the house and it cleaned up very well. The staff were excellent and very friendly. We highly recommend these services!!

-Mark Campbell

Sparkling windows and smooth, upbeat communication at every turn make this an extraordinary service.

-Jan Allen

If you have storm windows, please call us directly at 800-772-7553 for a quote

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